Textile Print Designer. Natural Dyer. Weaver. Hand-Knitter. 

Christiana Vardakou is a textile designer specialising in ethical, handmade textiles for interiors based in Athens. 

After completing her studies in BA: Textile Design at UAL: Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, she went on a four months textile research trip in South East Asia to learn more about traditional textile techniques, you can read more about her adventures on her blog.

Her work combines her love for the modern and the contemporary as well as the traditional techniques. 

While in university she specialised in Digital Printing. However, her love for nature, history and the handmade pushed her to look into the “Slow” movement while she was on her final year in university. Her work is now a combination of low environmental impact techniques: Digital printing, Natural Dyeing and Printing and Hand-Weaving. 

For more information about her work, CV, collaborations, workshops, job opportunities, or any other enquires, please feel free to email me@cvardakou.com. 


High quality luxurious homeware textiles and loungewear products designed to become timeless heirlooms. (soon live with worldwide shipping!) 

Christiana Vardakou: Handmade is a brand of handcrafted textiles made with care. The homeware & loungewear collections celebrate the slow processes, the natural materials, the high-aesthetics, the combination of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional. 

Each piece is individually designed, handcrafted and can be fully customisable. We use organic fabrics and yarns that we hand dyed using natural dyes in our Athens studio. Due to the nature of our processes, all products are unique. Each one slightly different from the other, yet all equally beautiful and made with love. The collection aims to encourage sustainability and conscious consumption — going against fast fashion and the throw away culture. 

Timeless products that are sustainable, ethical and unique — made for those mindful of the value of time and the environment. 


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